Depending on your sensitivity to pressure on your eyelids, this question will make or break a potential mask. If a sleep mask applies too much pressure on your eyes, it will interfere with REM sleep.

Why? Because during REM sleep, your eyes experience rapid movements in random directions. If the mask press against your eyes, it can restrict the eye movement, as well as the REM process. Not to mention, it’s incredibly uncomfortable, and can cause blurry vision in the morning.

Traditionally, with a flat sleep mask, you get 2 scenarios:

  • Loosen the strap to decrease the pressure on your eyes, but suffer greater light leakage, or
  • Tighten the strap to prevent light leakage, but suffer increased pressure on your eyes.

Be sure to always choose quality materials as 525Bliss 100% Mulberry Silk sleeping eye masks which are very comfortable and do not apply pressure therefore but it also encourages REM sleep.

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