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Benefits of Using a Sleep Mask at Night

Sleep masks solve all these problems related to intrusive light, granting the total darkness you deserve for great sleep. By sitting directly over your eyes, they can create a pitch-black environment in the brightest of bedrooms. Even better, sleep masks tend to be more affordable than alternative measures, such as blackout shades. They’re also superior […]

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Women’s Sleeping Eye Mask

2020 New sleep mask 100% silk Eye mask Sleeping ice compress Mask. Get some much-needed shut-eye with our sleeping eye masks. They are just super soft eye masks and they will have you drifting off in no time. The perfect bedtime accessory! Do you think of eye masks as fun accessories that little girls take […]

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Does the Mask Put Pressure on Your Eyes?

Depending on your sensitivity to pressure on your eyelids, this question will make or break a potential mask. If a sleep mask applies too much pressure on your eyes, it will interfere with REM sleep. Why? Because during REM sleep, your eyes experience rapid movements in random directions. If the mask press against your eyes, […]

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How to Choose the Best Sleep Mask

It’s no secret that, for many of us, getting a full night of sleep is a challenge. Whether it’s a streetlight shining through a window, or the cabin light on an international flight, we now need more help than ever to block unwanted light when falling asleep. If you have trouble sleeping, investing in a […]


Best Sleeping Eye Mask in UK 2020

Are you looking for the best sleeping eye mask for you or wanting to know if you even need one? If you had to ask science, then yes, you do. When you dose off and prepare to sleep, melatonin or the “sleep hormone” is released in your brain and drives the sleep force. Melatonin naturally […]

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