Are you looking for the best sleeping eye mask for you or wanting to know if you even need one? If you had to ask science, then yes, you do. When you dose off and prepare to sleep, melatonin or the “sleep hormone” is released in your brain and drives the sleep force. Melatonin naturally secretes when its dark, and our bodies prepare for rest. Muscles begin to relax, body temperature drops and drowsiness creeps in. During rest, any light that enters our eyes stops melatonin production and your body slowly wakes up. So, with a sleeping mask, you’re able to keep all the lights out and let the melatonin flow.

With an enormous variety of products from our company 525Bliss, finding the right sleeping mask for you is quite the task. So, allow us at The Mattress Guide UK to lay out our best sleeping masks currently on the market.

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