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My inspiration behind creating 525 Fine Accessories was to make Mulberry Silk products and unique

pieces available to a wider range of customers. I am a firm believer that Beautiful, Unique, Good

quality pieces don’t mean it has to be unattainable and I wanted to make a company that sells

high-end, one of a kind, just sublime, and fun accessories.

 Because we deserve the best and all of its benefits, here is 525 just for YOU!   




The benefits of sleeping with Mulberry Silk Eye Masks


  • There are no chemicals involved during the production process, our waters do not get polluted.
  • Mulberry silk is so unbelievable soft it reduces the appearance of wrinkles due to the fact that there is less friction between the skin and the material.
  • Hypoallergenic, it is breathable and 100% natural therefore ideal for sensitive skin.
  • 100% natural, consequently bio-degradable, and also helps regulate body temperature.
  • Ideal to bring during a long trip
  • A gift Idea for him or her, so elegant they will never hide it away!
  • Incredibly elegant alluring and effective blocking out light.
  • Must-haves!! luxurious and sublime, yet affordable!



What is so special about our accessories?


They are unique pieces! has it ever happened to you that you go into a room and there is another

a person wearing exactly the same as what you are wearing or she may have the same piece you have in your closet? Well… it has

happened to me and I do not appreciate the fact that what I am wearing is made by thousands if

not millions, With that in mind, plus knowing that the fashion industry is the second culprit of pollution

on our planet due to the “fast Fashion” mode we live in, I wanted to create unique accessories,

handmade by Colombian Indigenous pieces that you can keep for a long time, each piece is unique,

never two the same! But the most important is that you are not going to break the bank in the process

I want Quality + Exclusivity + Beauty = Affordable.


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